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ERG’s mission is to provide the highest quality clinical trial execution across all clinical research phases to help sponsors speed lifesaving and life-enhancing therapeutics to market as quickly and safely as possible.

Midwest Clinical Research Center​

Midwest Clinical Research Center (MCRC) has been steadfast in its mission to collaborate with sponsors and volunteer subjects to advance new medication therapies for psychiatric conditions. Through our outpatient and inpatient sites, we conduct clinical trials aimed at evaluating the efficacy and safety of emerging medications for treating Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and various other psychiatric disorders. At MCRC, our compassionate and proficient team comprises board-certified Psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, and study coordinators, all committed to addressing your inquiries and concerns regarding study participation. Our staff undergoes rigorous training in conducting clinical trials that adhere to stringent Federal, State, and GCP/ICH guidelines, ensuring the acquisition of top-tier data quality, the safety of volunteer subjects, and unparalleled care throughout the process.

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