As we close the door on the 6th month since COVID-19 became a household name, it’s hard to believe how much has changed. Since mid-July, new cases continue to trend down, which is great news since the U.S. is inching ever closer to 6 million total cases. California has the highest cases at over 668,000, and Vermont has the least at little over 1500. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on businesses, families, education, and the economy while businesses closed, and jobs were lost. But somehow in the midst of all this, the world has kept moving thanks to the dedication and sacrifice of essential workers. They are the VIPs of 2020.

The Job of an Essential Worker

Team of healthcare providers

For those that didn’t lose their jobs due to COVID, you were either set up to work from home, or you continued going to work as an essential worker. Essential workers continued to work with the public whether through healthcare, emergency services, armed forces, restaurant personnel, delivery workers, and more. Some are caring for the ones infected with the virus. Others are keeping the economy going by ensuring everyone at home receives what they need. All are risking their lives to keep the world moving.

COVID-19 Vaccines and Essential Workers

U.S. health officials agree there is no returning to “normal” until there is a working vaccine for COVID-19. Currently, there are at least 10 different vaccines in phase 3 clinical studies. This is the phase where we learn whether or not they protect against the virus. Volunteers participating in research studies are vital in bringing a working vaccine to fruition. It is estimated that in order to receive enough data to determine a vaccines effectiveness, approximately 30,000 volunteers are needed. In this stage, volunteers who have a high exposure risk to COVID-19, healthy volunteers, or those who have the virus are all needed.

Today’s Superhero

In the movies, superheroes rise from the ashes of an impossible situation and save the world from the bad guys. Essential workers are the true superheroes in the real world, putting others before themselves for the good of mankind. As a volunteer in a clinical research study, you help ensure we find a way to fight, prevent, and detect diseases like COVID-19.

Man join the fight against COVID-19

Essential workers and other high exposure risk volunteers are needed for upcoming COVID studies here at Endeavor Clinical Trials. To get involved, call (210) 949-0807, or visit our website.