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Woodland International Research Group

Woodland International Research Group

About Woodland International Research Group

Woodland International Research Group has 80 years of combined research experience and over 200 years of combined clinical and psychiatric experience.  The site has expanded from its initial focus in psychiatric research studies to a variety of medical studies. Woodland proudly demonstrates leadership in the medical community by offering research to rural and urban areas in Arkansas.

Since opening its doors, Woodland International Research Group has become a leader in the field of clinical research, having successfully completed 200 trials and being recognized as a top enroller in many of those. This success is directly related to Investigator involvement in all trials and a dedicated research staff. The site’s investment in research subjects and the community is directly linked to the success of the processes and safety each subject receives upon participation in a clinical trial.

Woodland International Research Group is a free standing 12,000 square foot facility, with an additional 7,000 square foot unit for special populations, located in Little Rock, Arkansas. There is plenty of parking for those individuals who choose to drive. Study participants who are unable to drive are offered transportation free of charge. Studies at this location may sometimes require overnight stays. In order to make those stays comfortable we provide many amenities including private rooms with cable television, video games, internet access, basketball gym, as well as a smoking area.

Our Facility

Woodland International Research Group is a 12,000 square foot research facility designed specifically for the comfort and safety of all subjects participating in its clinical trials. The facility is divided into 3 clinical areas: an 18-bed individual room unit designed to provide privacy and comfort during off PK days, a 10-bed open acute care ward for subjects requiring constant monitoring and a 12-bed unit with 2 beds in each room. All units are equipped with emergency care systems, and each room has individual TVs and game systems for relaxation. The nursing station is located within the units, allowing study staff to closely monitor patients.  Located approximately 5 miles from St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center, the facility is less than one mile from the Arkansas Heart Hospital for emergency care.

Woodland International Research Group opened its new purpose-built, 16-bed CRU designed specifically for child and adolescent inpatient trials in special populations including those suffering from CNS disorders and diseases in other therapeutic areas. The unit features bedside gaming, an indoor gymnasium, air hockey, crafts and other activities as well as a secure outdoor area / fresh air space. Importantly, the unit’s retention program includes education and tutoring.

The facility was designed for the comfort of patients and family with two beds per room which allows caregivers to stay overnight. It is also equipped with separate exam and procedure rooms. The staff consists of a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, a board-certified family practitioner also boarded in pain and addiction, RNs, LPNs, PCTs, nutritionists, CRCs, neuropsychiatric raters, phlebotomists, as well as regulatory, QC and ACLS certified staff. Recent pediatric Phase I/IP studies performed at WIRG included schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADHD, depression and GERD.

The unit is also being utilized for adult and elderly Phase 1-2a inpatient trials, sleep disorder trials, and more complex studies with smaller cohorts, required serial PK draws, PSG, and other specialized procedures allowing separation from the adult psychiatric populations on the larger 40 bed main unit.

Our Staff

Dr. George Konis

George Konis, M.D., Board certified in Family Medicine, Pain and Addiction. Has served as Principal Investigator or Sub-Investigator on more than 220 trials including schizophrenia (stable and acute), Anxiety, bipolar disorder, depressive disorders, acute pain, Alzheimer’s, general medicine, addiction, Cardiology, GI, sickle cell disease, tobacco, and COVID-19.




Dr. Natalie Brush-Strode 

Natalie Brush-Strode, M.D., is board certified in General and Forensic Psychiatry.  Dr. Strode has served as Sub-Investigator on numerous clinical trials for adult and pediatric/adolescent populations, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depressive disorders, and anxiety disorders.  Dr. Brush-Strode also maintains a private practice in Forensic Psychiatry where she treats psychiatric disorders in a correctional setting.