New Year, Renewed Health at any Age

2020 seemed to last for more than a year and held about that many hardships with the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the fight to end the coronavirus still wages on, 2021 promises hope for everyone. Life is something we learned not to take for granted, and with the new year, renewed health can happen at any age.

Prioritizing Your Health Over 60

Prioritizing your health becomes more important in our later years. As we get older, age isn’t the only thing that increases. We become more susceptible to developing chronic health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. It also becomes more challenging for our bodies to fight off illnesses, making individuals over 60 in high-risk groups for many conditions, including COVID-19. Older individuals process medications differently than how they did at younger ages, and like children need age-specific treatment plans; seniors do too.

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It’s never too late to take control of your health, whether you have an illness or not. Clinical research studies use volunteers from all ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds to learn more about different medical conditions. This knowledge helps improve the way these conditions are detected, treated, and prevented. Volunteers with the disease being studied and healthy ones are both necessary for these advancements.

Improving Healthcare When You’re Over 60

Clinical research studies offer participants a way to receive regular study-related care from medical experts and a chance to advance healthcare for future generations and other benefits. Healthy volunteers play a vital role in new therapies by determining safety, efficacy, dosage, and more. Participating in research over the age of 60 makes these advancements safer and more effective.

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If you’re over 60 and looking for a way to give back, volunteering in a clinical research study may be an option for you. Qualified participants may gain access to new therapies not available to the public and can receive reimbursement for time and travel. Is there any better way to recoup some of that holiday spending while helping to improve healthcare? To learn more about our upcoming studies for healthy older individuals, call (479) 927-3000, or visit our study overview page.