Volunteering for Research After 65!

Clinical research studies are the primary way we evaluate new treatments’ safety and effectiveness in people. These new options can be a new medication, therapeutic approach, or medical device. Research studies rely on a diverse population of volunteers to give the best data regarding dosage and administration. The diversity covers not only race and gender but also age. Older adult age groups are one of the categories that remain underrepresented. Volunteering for research studies after 65 is a way you can help close that gap and improve not only your health but also help to improve the health of future generations.

Why Senior Underrepresentation in Research Should Concern You

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Age-related physical changes impact the way our bodies process medication and respond to its effects. Older individuals are likely to have more health conditions and take treatments to manage them. Individuals over the age of 65 are twice as more susceptible to adverse reactions than those in younger age groups.

  • 19% of breast cancer patients are 75 or older, but only 4% of participants are of this age.
  • 33% of colon cancer patients are in the 75-and-older group, but only 8% of patients studied were in that age group.
  • 37% of lung cancer patients are 75 or older, but only 9% of people of that age are represented in lung cancer studies.

More research with participants over the age of 65 needs to continue to understand these factors better, so we can tailor therapeutic approaches to allow for better outcomes. Healthy and active seniors are needed, along with those who have different health conditions.

Improving Health and Restoring Purpose

Retirement is a goal we all work to get to get to, but you may struggle with finding a driving purpose in your life again once you’re there. The truth is, a community never stops needing your contributions, even in later years. How you spend your time now will help decide how long you remain active, and ultimately, live independently. Volunteering in itself carries a lot of benefits ranging from helping to improve healthcare, learning more about your medical condition, and more. However, it has also been linked to improvements in:

  • Mental and overall health
  • Fewer functional limitations
  • Increased longevity

Participating in clinical research studies doesn’t have to take a lot of time. There are so many active studies going on at any moment in time; you’ll have no trouble finding one that fits your schedule.

Help Shape Future Generations

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Clinical research improves the healthcare of future generations for others and your own family. Here at Endeavor Clinical Trials, we feel that’s a legacy worth striving for. Start your involvement today! Learn more about upcoming research studies by calling (210) 949-0807 or visiting our website.