Giving Back in Your Golden Years

Retirement isn’t just about not working anymore and being able to do what you want. It begins a new chapter in your life as you transition into the new normal. In the end, many end up pondering what their legacy will be for the future. They start getting restless and try to find ways to keep busy again. Some go back to work in different capacities, others volunteer. Giving back is one way seniors are leaving a steppingstone for the future and research is a great way to do that.

Giving back during the golden years. Two older men laughing, clinical research

Giving Back is Good for You

Studies have shown that volunteering has social, emotional, and physical benefits. It’s more than just a “nice” thing to do for someone else. The truth is, you feel good when you give back to others. That translates to:

  • Social– You are less isolated by involving yourself with others, not only for those you help but also those who volunteer with you.
  • Emotional (Mental)– Those who volunteer are less depressed, have less anxiety, are more confident, and feel more productive.
  • PhysicalYou stay more active, which means volunteers live independently longer.

Make the World a Better Place

As you’ve read, volunteering makes you feel good. However, giving to others makes the world a better place. As a clinical research volunteer, you play a unique role in the betterment of healthcare for future generations. Research studies help advance medicine by helping to determine if new therapies are safe and effective. These new discoveries can improve the way we detect, treat, and prevent many illnesses. Not every study involves a medication. Some are looking into a new therapeutic approach, while others may as simple as a blood draw.

Healthy seniors needed for upcoming studies, older man running in race

Seniors also respond to treatments differently than when they were younger. Participants over 65 provide valuable information that allows therapies to be tailored specific to their age group, thus making them safer for everyone. As you’re redefining yourself in your golden years, consider clinical research. To learn more about the upcoming studies here at Woodland Research Northwest, visit our website or call (479) 927-3000.