Top Reasons Why Healthy Volunteers Participate in Clinical Research

Clinical research is an essential tool the scientific community uses when evaluating specific medical treatments and their effect on the body. Research studies need different types of individuals to participate in them—those who are healthy and others who may have illnesses. There are many reasons to participate in clinical research studies. Here are some of the top reasons to consider being a healthy volunteer.

You Help Advance Medicine

Healthy volunteers have always played an important role in research. They help define the limits of “normal” by serving as controls for patient groups. We can learn about the disease process by comparing the patient group to the healthy volunteers. As a result, scientists and researchers can develop more effective therapies. Advancing medicine is the heart of clinical research that enables patients to manage their conditions better. In turn, their lives are improved, and hope is restored.

Study-Related Care at No Cost

During the study, participants attend visits and have diagnostic testing to monitor their health regularly. In fact, these visits are often more frequent than typical healthcare settings. All at no cost to study volunteers, and insurance is not a requirement in most cases. Each research office strives to make the facilities comfortable and welcoming. Many include amenities like pool tables, games, internet connectivity, and more.

Paid Studies

Healthy volunteers may receive reimbursement for their time and travel for participating in a study. The amount varies by research study in relation to the duration and number of visits. You can use the reimbursements in any way you want. They are typically paid when you complete your participation in the study or after each completed study-related visit.

Are You Ready to Start Your Study Volunteer Journey?

Every life-saving treatment and groundbreaking therapy available today is possible only because of the participation of volunteers in clinical research studies. Scientists and researchers will never stop their quest to open new doors to the way we diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure illnesses. Therefore, study volunteers remain essential to helping us answer the questions that bring them closer to the patients who need them.

You can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Clinical Pharmacology of Miami is seeking healthy adults to join upcoming research studies. To learn more about these opportunities, call (305) 817-2900 or visit our website.