Back to School & Clinical Trial Participation Benefits

The start of school is taxing on parents, students, and school staff. Attending school amid a pandemic wasn’t exactly on anyone’s bingo cards. The financial stresses surrounding this time are familiar to many, with a presence long before COVID. Has your wallet taken a hit due to school preparations? Joining a study could be the answer. Potential reimbursement is one of the many possible benefits of clinical trial participation and can help ease the burden of back-to-school expenses.

Clinical Trial Summary

Clinical trials are vital to advancing medicine. We can learn more about a medical condition that gives scientists and researchers the tools necessary to develop safer, more effective therapies. Research studies are also used to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of these potential new therapies as they interact in the human body.

Potential Benefits

Partnerships with the individuals participating in research studies make these advances possible. Every study volunteer commitment helps advance medicine regardless of study type, duration, or level of involvement. When the baseline is set at advancing medicine, the benefits of being a research volunteer are endless. Here are a few examples that may surprise you!

  • You can learn more about your condition from experts who have additional training and education on it. The more you know about your condition, the better you can manage it.
  • During the study, you’ll receive closely monitored care by study medical staff. These visits are often more comprehensive and frequent than what a person would experience in a typical healthcare setting. It is also a great option for those without health insurance to still receive medical care.
  • Volunteers gain potential access to new options that may be more effective, have fewer side effects, or provide treatment where none previously existed. Participants could also receive diagnostic imaging and lab work, or a surgical procedure performed at no cost. These are often impossible outside of a study for many patients due to financial constraints, lack of insurance, and more.

A Little Wallet Help

Lastly, most research studies may offer reimbursement for your time and travel during study participation. Think of all the ways you could use some extra bucks. The possibilities are endless, but in sticking with back-to-school expenses, you could use it for:

  • Buying books needed for college courses
  • New kicks or wardrobe updates
  • School supplies and equipment
  • Traveling back home
  • Purchasing food that isn’t microwaveable noodles
  • Dorm room updates
  • Replenishing PPE

Be the change. Volunteer and make a difference

Woodland Research Northwest has an extensive portfolio of current and upcoming study options for children and adults with conditions or otherwise healthy. You can help advance medicine for conditions like COVID-19, depression, schizophrenia, or receive a FREE liver screening. Check out your options TODAY! Call us at 479-927-3000, or hurry over to our website.