Calling All Healthy Volunteers!

Whatever you’re passionate about, clinical research is at the heart of change. Research studies aren’t just about medical conditions. Climate change, women’s rights, gun control, and disproportionate effects on minority populations are examples of current research focuses and many others. In a world where much is uncertain, we’re calling on all healthy volunteers to consider joining research studies to impact change directly.

Change is Certain.

Change is a part of our lives that is always a guarantee. However, we have no control of the outcome in some cases and must ride out the wave as best we can. In clinical research, health experts continually learn about a condition and its progress and impact on various populations. This information allows scientists to develop better ways to diagnose, manage, and prevent different illnesses.

Clinical trials are medical studies involving people. They help determine the safety and effectiveness of these potential new therapies in the human body before releasing them to the public. Healthy volunteers enable us to define the limits of “normal.” These volunteers are recruited to serve as controls for patient groups. Investigators learn about the disease process by comparing the patient group to the clinical research volunteers.

The Catalyst for Change is in You.

Through partnerships with the volunteers participating in studies, we learn how medical issues and other pressing matters impact the lives of individuals such as yourself. These experiences pave the way for change. Advancing medicine is a pretty big deal, but imagine directly impacting the health and lives of future generations. That’s what research volunteers do. Other reasons to join a study include:

  • Receiving medical care and possible access to new treatments that are not yet available otherwise
  • Learning more about the disease and your medical condition
  • Access to resources, such as educational materials and support groups
  • You may be reimbursed for time and travel for study participation


want to help your community while getting compensated?

If you’re wanting to learn more, Midwest Clinical Research is happy to help. We have many different study options available for individuals generally in good health and those diagnosed with a condition. Start helping to advance medicine today! Call us at (937) 424-1050, or visit our website today!